Pelham Associates


We are keen to first build trust with our clients and understand their end goals.  Combining this approach with looking, not where the market is today but where it will be in the future, has safeguarded client value and ensured our longevity during periods of market expansion and contraction.

Pelham sees client relationships as an on-going consultative process – when we talk to our investors we discuss our access to opportunities and whether their strategy fits with what’s happening on the ground.  Clients rely on us for guidance resulting from our experience and disciplined due diligence processes.

We work with varied clients; those who want control over their investments as well as others who prefer a more remote monitoring approach.  Some of our clients view real estate as a stable and long term income producing asset, whilst others are willing to accept a higher level of risk to obtain the assets and return they are looking for.  Where appropriate, we can also act as joint venture partners with well-established counterparties.