Pelham Associates


During our 25 years, Pelham Associates has approached real estate investment and asset management holistically.  The Pelham team are able to source, develop, and manage properties ‘in-house’ with the primary motive of adding value wherever possible.

Our client base includes individuals through to Banks and Property Funds. This wide ranging approach is devised to suit a broad spectrum of clients and different points within real estate cycles.

Where appropriate, we strategically place groups of investors together to syndicate an investment purchase and often provide co-investment from one of our related companies.  This ensures specific focus & alignment for investment parties.   

Our asset management role ensures that the performance of the property we acquire is linked to our success. Active involvement in asset management also provides us with the ability to spot opportunities, be they operational or value add related. We have the skill and knowledge required to evaluate a property and devise the optimal strategy to maximise its value.

We welcome investors whether they be 'hands on' with a preference for close involvement in their investment selection and asset management, or those clients who prefer us to act in a more remote discretionary management role.  Our aim is always to build strong relationships with all of our clients, creating value and success over a long period of time.


Pelham Differentiators

  • We have a proven track record since 1990 - Pelham has assisted clients in achieving their financial goals over 25 years by acquiring, managing and sustaining property investments profitably.
  • The success of Pelham is in our team - Pelham Associates has an excellent group of skilled individuals including Chartered Surveyors, Development Managers, Chartered and Certified Accountants, Legal Advisors and a dedicated team of support staff.
  • Our people are reinforced by well-developed technology and processes.  Our clients have web based access to their investments and are able to contact us at any time.
  • The Pelham team is large enough to be varied in terms of skills but sufficiently compact to ensure multiple reporting procedures that do not add value are avoided.  Our size also ensures a quick reaction to opportunities and transactions that complete as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • We have experience of investing in operating companies backed by real estate.  In doing so we seek to fully understand how industries and market forces interact to change business and real estate.